Rental karting solution

Complete solution for the management of your Go-Kart center.

In addition to the business management features, the karting solution offers complementary modules dedicated to the management of indoor and outdoor go-kart centers. Developed in close collaboration with several rental karting tracks, and with 10 years of experience, our system integrates all necessary tools to simplify the work of your team and satisfy your customers. New features are deployed regularly and all our customers benefit from the latest version free of charge.

The Apex Timing go-kart software solution allows you to enterely manage your indoor and outdoor go-kart center : point of sale, track management, safety of the karting track, kart maintenance, karting timing, live timing...

Common features for multi-activities centers

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Online booking and payment

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Mobile app

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POS and inventory

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Multi-activity calendar

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Users management

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Customers and loyalty



Additional modules for rental karting

Before session

During the session

After the session

TV display in receptive zone go-kart centers safety assistance on karting tracks podium results of karting races

Display in welcome area

Safety assistance on track

TV in welcome area

Encourage customers to go to consumption areas and increase your turnover.
  • Drivers' call
  • Results of previous sessions
  • Speed control of karts
  • Starting lights and flags
Display results of sessions on TV screens located in strategic locations in your rental karting center. That way, you encourage your customers to extend their visit by talking over a drink.
video briefing - safety rules on karting tracks timekeeping of karting races marketing tools included in the Apex Timng rental karting software

Video Briefing


Email notifications

Remind safety instructions of your karting track by broadcasting a video to your corporate colors.
  • Connect any timing brand (decoders, transponders, detection loops...)
  • Timekeep races, sessions, endurances
Automatically send the results to your members by email, in order to encourage them to visit your rental karting center again.
TV display of karts allocated before go-kart racing connect your external devices, lights and flags on the Apex Timing go-kart software Create the mobile app of your rental karting center with Apex Timing go-kart software

Kart allocation

External devices

Smartphone App

Assign their kart number to drivers of the upcoming sessions and invite them to get ready for the karting race. Connect your external devices to the GoKarts software : display panels, automatic control of lights, slow down loops... Your customers consult their results and best times in the driver area of the mobile app. The experience can be extended by organizing championships with friends and chatting via the internal chat.

Video Presentation GoKarts Solution

Registration and booking via the mobile app

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Via the mobile app customized to your colors and logo, offer to your customers many essential functionalities for your leisure center : registration, event and session booking, online secure payment, invoicing, easy access to the center. Easily control the application from the client area of the Apex Timing management software. Send your members automatic or mass notifications for your marketing campaigns and keep in contact.

Offer the contactless online booking and improve your visibility

  • Offering available 24/24
  • Your customers see your availability in real time and can book an activity, a public or private event or a session in just a few clicks
  • Online payments are fully secure and synchronized in real time with your management software
  • Easy access to the center by scanning the booking confirmation barcode

Communicate to the right people at the right time

  • Keep in touch with your members, easily send efficient e-mailing campaigns
  • Send personalized messages (welcome, birthday, reminder...)
  • Your members can follow their individual results
  • Create a virtual experience via championships and chat with friends

Customize your mobile app to your corporate colors

  • Mobile app to your image : logo, colors, information on your center, track layout, clickable buttons
  • Configuration directly from your online client area
  • Application available on Android and Apple
  • Track the number of people who have installed the application

Briefing video

GoBriefing is an autonomous briefing video made in 3D especially for Go-Karts centers. We can customize it at your image with your logos, karts and even the colors of your barriers. Install your TV and insert a USB stick.

Broadcast on TV screens, before the session, a video briefing to your image :

  • Customizable : logo, choose the color of the karts, safety barriers, helmets...
  • Select sequences and optimize duration for a better driver attention
  • HD display, compatible with all video players
  • Available in several languages

Remind the safety instructions to your customers in a playful and clear manner

  • Your customers will know how to behave on the track thanks to the video made in 3D computer graphics and customizable to your image (logo, kart, barriers)
  • Your team saves time and can concentrate on other tasks : safety rules are systematically reminded in the video briefing
  • Quick and easy installation on TV screens with only a USB stick
  • The briefing video will have even more impact if it is commented by your staff


The go-kart timing software, part of the GoKarts software solution, shows drivers' times in the thousandth of a second and their ranking during karting races. For your sessions, grands prix or endurances, our timing system will meet your needs. Linked to the live timing, to your display screens in your go-kart center or on your website, your members will have a memorable souvenir of their visit in your rental karting center.

Benefit from a reliable, accurate and easy-to-use timing system

  • Timekeep your events, sessions, championships and endurances
  • Timing sectors like professional races
  • Easily replace a kart that would break down during a session
  • Compatible with any timing system
  • Professional management of endurances : driver identification, pit stop, automatic penalties...
  • Add the live timing module so that your customers can follow races live on the web
  • Broadcast timing results on your giant screens in your rental karting center with our GoTV module
  • With our web subscriptions, your members will follow their individual performances and results on your website or mobile app
The Apex Timing go-kart timing system is compatible with any brand. Display results of sessions, events, grand prix, endurances live in your indoor or outdoor rental karting center.

Concerned to serve you the best, Apex Timing can provide all necessary hardware for the management of your go-kart center. GoKarts karting software, additional modules and hardware, our go-kart solution adapts to any rental karting center. Moreover, the installation on site is made by our professional team. Our GoKarts software solution is compatible with all brands on the market.




Detection loops

DMX management and lights

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logo mywer timing solution
logo kart timer timing system
logo bechronized timing hardware



logo gocontrol

Via the GoControl app

logo tv

Display on track

Follow the position of your karts with GoTracking karting software. Quickly identify a hazard and the software will assist you in slowing down the karts in this area. Drivers will be alerted by light signals. Several tools are available to optimize the safety of your karting tracks and improve the work and safety of your marshal.

GoControl application for the track management

With the GoControl application deployed on touch screen tablet or smartphone, your marshal can easily intervene in case of an hazard on the track.

  • Ranking of karts in real time
  • Kart speed control and assistance
  • Management of automatic lights : flags, danger, end of session
With Apex Timing GoKarts karting software, improve safety of your indoor or outdoor karting track and simplify the work of track stewards.

Multi-screen dynamic display

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TV display in strategic areas

Control your customer flow by placing several display screens in strategic locations in your go-kart center. Your drivers and public will follow sessions in real time by broadcasting information on display screens. Our team is at your disposal to advise you according to your needs.

Offer a memorable experience to your customers

  • Display upcoming sessions and call drivers to head to briefing
  • Inform drivers of their kart number
  • Remind safety rules of your karting track with the briefing video
  • On track, control starting lights and display drivers times
  • Display results of session, podium and best times
  • Display ads between sessions
  • Fully automated display system, easy to use and to install
  • Fully customizable HD display

Kart maintenance

Our GoKarts karting software includes a maintenance module for your kart fleet. Fill in your maintenance criteria and the maintenance system will give you real time information on your kart status and necessary repairs.

Follow detailed maintenance of your kart fleet

  • Maintenance frequency and alerts
  • Statistics and history of performances
  • Management of spare parts

Plan tasks related to kart maintenance

Manage the maintenance of your kart fleet with the maintenance module, part of Apex Timing go-kart software solution

Web modules for your website

Integrate additional functionalities to your website and keep in touch with your customers. Your website is definitely your calling card and a great marketing tool to increase visits in your karting center.

Extend the visit to your go-kart center

  • Results of races and sessions are available in the driver area of your website and mobile app
  • Your members follow their individual performances and progress
  • Animated display of records and best times
  • Your customers can organize a virtual championship with friends and share it on social networks
  • A chat system is also available. Virtual friends will be delighted to meet in real in your go-kart center.

Develop a mobile app for your go-kart center and offer many functionalities

Add web modules to your Apex Timing GoKarts software and improve your website : vouchers, online session booking, display of results and live timing